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Download the Ultima Online Classic Client to use with our shard clicking here or clicking in the image above. (last client update: 2017-09-13 – Our package includes: original classic client fully patched, razor, uosteam, enhanced map, razor enhanced and the new orionuo alternative client (best classic gfx).

Instructions to play: Just decompress the .zip file into your “C:\” and run the Razor Enhanced Shortcut inside “C:\Ultima Online” directory. Or if you use another UO Tool, like UOSteam for example, just point it out to our client directory (C:\Ultima Online\UO2D\) and to our server (play.uoshard.com:2953).

Have fun!

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  UO Shard is in no way affiliated with EA Games, Mythic Entertainment, Origin Systems, Or Broadsword.