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There are some features that only our shard have ( because it’s a piece of technology developed inhouse, or a funcionality with open source scripts running but with modifications that aren’t open source, so custom up to date mmorpg game technology that you only will find here. And we can tell you: those features make a HUGE difference in today UO playing.


Tabed ingame chat system linked with our Discord chat channel


Stay connected on your mobile and know everything about the game. Never miss a friend in the need of assistance.


Power hour system: pump up +20% bonus to your char skills and stats for one hour


No more than a hour per day to real person gameplay (not macroeing) UO? No problem: +20% power up bonus for a period of one hour. Every 24 hours you will receive a free Power Hour. Increased gold, increased skill gain, faster gameplay. You will enjoy the game a lot more.


And a lot more stuff that you can find playing here @ uoshard.com! We got new features everyday!


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