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Shard Rules

- Rules


- Staff Members
- I want to help the project being a staff member
- Staff stuff

Premises and general info

- We suggest you to take some time and read this entire wiki in the order it was wrote. This will be very helpfull for your success on UO shard.
- This wiki is not meant to be a copy/paste wiki neither a "newbie ultima online player wiki". If you are new to UO we suggest to you:, and;
- This wiki is made to detail how UO Shard works, what we are all about and how to play here only; This wiki is not intended to explain to you how to play or define a good char template (use your own creativity to play);
- This "Ultima Online Emulator Server" is based on lastest patches of ServUO community. It's based on original UO game mechanics and items except some customs that will be listed here. If you don't find here the info you're looking for, again, please try:;
- This shard is running at the TOL (Time of legends) expansion but be aware that only some few features of TOL are implemented yet. Currently ServUO emulation are only accurate from initial UO release to ML (Mondain's Legacy). But we aren't saying that you cannot play and enjoy Stygian Abyss, High Seas and Time of Legends expansions. You can play here and enjoy SA, HS and TOL, but they're still far from perfect yet;
- English can lead us to more intercultural connection between all people in the world, so English will be the main language of this shard. Players of all the entire Universe are welcome here;
- This shard will never use custom client files, so this mean you can always use lastest Ultima Online patches to play here. And we really encourage you to do so;
- This virtual world will be a mix between original UO eras and today real human life era. You can expect to see some real life systems implemented on this shard as soon as possible;
- Our main focus is to achieve the most complex UO social RPG system ever coded being through the implementantion of all communities customs and through the development of new algorithms. We have all the time in world to pursue this achievement, through the continuous and nonstop improvements we can make on this shard. So be free to help us on this achievement;
- This shard is ruled by a bunch of guys who love and play RPG games since 90s. This is a pure hobby project, but we are working on this shard every single day, on our free time;
- This is not a commercial shard so don't expect realtime support or anything like this (if you want support service and a marketplace, go play UO on But be sure that we will always be open to hear from you, through all our contact ways. So please be kind and have patience with our staff (we do have family and real life commitments, so don't expect us online 24/7);
- This shard is kindly hosted on our staff private servers (located in a North America professional datacenter). It's running Linux on Enterprise servers with redundant gigabit internet connection and nonstop power supply (and we do have an Anti-DDoS auto mitigation system on our network). It's enough to host thousands (and can be elastic) global players 24/7 without lag/problems and without need of staff interventions;
- A friend advice: play and enjoy UO with prudence, without being addicted to it. Have a real good life with your family, friends, co-workers and be kind with all real world you live. Use only your free time on our shard to roleplay and have fun with a very complex mental/social/brain game that UO is;
- This is a long-term project shard. When we say long-term, we mean: nonstop evolution through the times;
- Auto backups are realized 5 to 5 minutes. Fast savetimes (average of 0.2 seconds per save). DonĀ“t be afraid about big rescue rollbacks. Expect no crashes here (we have no crashs since 0.2 version released), but know that it can happen. The shard is scheduled to get himself up online 24/7;
- Shard scheduled updates rolls out @ friday 06:00PM GMT-3;
- This shard is 100% free and always will be 100% free to play. We don't need/want/have a "real money donation" pay to win system. If you're a good player at here, you're a really good UO player.

New players info

- How to play here
- Caps and Skill gain
- Ingame commands
- Rules
- Starter packs and items
- Start location
- Training location & Training elementals
- Bugs, possible crashes and shard errors

Custom ServUO configs/settings

- Besides no skillcap, nothing else is changed on ServUO core functionality. Main core will always respect ServUO development / OSI emulation.

Custom places

We removed the custom places from 0.2 version. Will be re-implemented asap. This doc section is outdated/needs update.

- Cafe Photo Casino
- Training location & Training elementals
- Elemental Passage

Custom systems

We removed the custom systems from 0.2 version. All systems will be redesigned and inserted on shard asap. This doc section is outdated/needs update.

- Archeology
- Bio Engineering
- Donation system
- Gold Panning
- Invasions
- Mail system
- Pet Breeding
- Pet Leveling
- Power Hour
- Power Scroll Exchange
- Stargates
- Taxes
- Tokens
- Trash and recycling

Custom items

We removed the custom items from 0.2 version. This doc section is outdated/needs update.

- Master Storage
- Personal Trash Bag

Custom bosses

We removed the custom mobs from 0.2 version. This doc section is outdated/needs update.

- Drelgor the impaler
- Mysterious
- Keeper of the Skill Mount
- Master of the Arts
- Gollum

Custom ethereals

We removed the custom ethereals from 0.2 version. This doc section is outdated/needs update.

- Skill Mount

Custom pets

We removed the custom pets from 0.2 version. This doc section is outdated/needs update.

- Angelicmare
- Evolution Beetle
- Evolution Deamon
- Evolution Dragon
- Mule
- Necromare
- Tamable skeleton

Custom quests

We removed the custom quests from 0.2 version. This doc section is outdated/needs update.

- Orcish Forge Quest
- Trade Crystalline Blackrocks Quest
- Manufacture Essence of Diligence Quest
- Manufacture Essence of Singularity Quest
- Smelt Blackrock Quest
- Manufacture Shards Quest
- Entiere's Talisman Quest

Custom resources

We removed the custom Ores/Leathers/Logs from 0.2 version. This doc section is outdated/needs update.

- Custom Ores
- Custom Leathers
- Custom Logs

Project timeline

- 01/2018 - Project redesigned to 0.2 version. New development and virtual world guidance premises;
- 10/2017 - Project paused. Real life still taking all admins time available;
- 09/2017 - Project paused. My daughter born;
- 08/2017 - Project development as usual, and new staff members joined the project;
- 07/2017 - More bugfixes;
- 06/2017 - Bug fixes, powerhour and chat development;
- 05/2017 - A lot of bugfixes, wiki documentations and website development;
- 04/2017 - Beta phase: development of the shard and documentations;
- 03/2017 - The project started and initial ServUO pack UPed.